About Us


Welcome to the Travelling Frenchies website and blog – The Frenchies include Mr. Techno, and our two gorgeous boys J and S –  I am known as Frenchie by my friends and colleagues!I was a travel agent by trade with over 16 years of experience and so it seemed only natural that I should set up a Family travel blog!
My job and love of  travel has taken me to some amazing destinations: Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, South America, Europe, Australia, Myanmar…travel is in my blood…I am constantly pestering Mr. Techno, with my next holiday ideas…now I am introducing the love of travel to my  kids.
We are made for travel, the Frenchies are a mix of Australian, French and Indian….and we have made Australia our home.

The aim of the blog is to share my passion for travel and hope to inspire others to get out there and explore, whether it be your local beach or flying to the other side of the world. We are happy to road test any travel services /holidays that would suit the Frenchies…feel free to get in touch, or if you simply have questions about travel I would be more than happy to answer them.

***Disclaimer: All details on my blog are a guide only and are my personal opinion. All photos are my own, unless otherwise specified and can’t be used without permission All trips are paid for by the Frenchies unless clearly stated otherwise ***