There is only one more sleep left till Christmas and you might be one of those that are not fully organised and still looking for that last minute feel good gift or in my case, the Bookdepository order has not arrived in time for Christmas…So here are a few suggestions to take the pressure off…. 

So often one buys Christmas presents, especially Kris Kringle gifts for the sake of it because of the obligatory office party.  So why not buy or donate to worthwhile causes on behalf of the giftee and feel great about a positive action
Intrepid Foundation:
The charitable foundation operated by Intrepid Travel, most of their fundraisers are matched dollar for dollar. As a previous employee of the company, trust me they do amazing work. You can donate to various causes, however this year they working on two projects.  Go on help them out.
Blue Dragon Foundation – supports children in Vietnam
SEE Turtles  – help protect and raise awareness of these creatures.


Gift of your time:
​Why note create your own voucher (costs you nothing) and offer your time to someone:
Tutoring lesson
Mowing lawns
                                                                Fixing something 
                                                                 A coffee session
There are many other options out there and many charities which need your help and support in the holiday seasons – have fun giving… 


​It has been a busy year and my blog has been a little neglected, thank you to those who continue to follow and read my silly stuff…
Have a safe and happy holiday season and may 2018 be amazing… 

Ps. I support the organisations listed in this post and I am not an affiliate member of any of them

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