The 2015 wrap!


The year has once again sailed past  too quickly!  The Frenchies have had a big year, unfortunately not necessarily geared towards travel.  We were still fortunate enough to partake in micro-adventures.

​We look back at at the year that was and what we achieved. These were mostly of the personal kind… .

The year has been a challenging one for the Frenchies…the decision to give up my 18+ year career in the travel industry and return to full time studies was the main event this year!  
The return to uni has mean that Mr. Techno and the kids have had to adjust to more chaos, less time together and no holidays (and a cranky sleep deprived mum) but luckily it is for a worthwhile cause. 

It is not all doom and gloom however, we are, as a family trying to achieve a few goals and this was the year to focus on them, even if  meant some sacrifices along the way. 

Reflecting on the year, the highlights for the Travellingfrenchies were the microadventures we enjoyed during the  the year:

  • Camping in the Grampians with dear friends
  • Escape to Inverloch on the coast with more friends
  • Wintry getaway to the Great Ocean Road, a first for the kids. 
  • My year 7 winning 1st in the state in French poetry reading competition – the boost of confidence was precious.  
  •  A successful first year in high school for Mstr J, whilst recovering from an annoying foot injury
  • Watching my son play his clarinet piece in a whole school play called ‘Lennie’ a great australian story of adventure and travel. 
  • Finishing my first year of uni whilst juggling it all. 

The downside of year has been the blog, time has been the enemy in this case. Additionally the doubts have crept in; about its success, doubting the decision to move from free wordpress to self hosted (lost all my followers who commented with the move) etc.  I still love my project and will give it as much time as I can, but acutely aware it will not be a priority for another year. 

World events were brought way too close to home for us, with the attacks in Paris.  The disregard of a life baffles me to my core. How to reassure my  sad 10 year old that our family will be safe?  A tough call when you can’t be sure of what lies ahead in terms of attacks around the globe. 

As the year comes to an end, I can’t help but be amazed and proud  of the small achievements  made by the Frenchie family.  The current changes to our financial situation adding further strain leading into Christmas.  However I know from past experience, that if we trust our instincts and take a deep breath, in time things will work out. Things always work out…don’t they?  A lesson learnt when arriving in Australia many years ago, with no money and just a small suitcase. 

Going into 2016, there will be more challenges however the  hope is that those are managed better with more family time to continue to stay connected and to work on staying healthy.  

There are no travel plans in place at this stage, but aim (wish more like it) is to escape Melbourne’s winter and to head to tropical Queensland. 

​Wishing all my followers out there a safe and Merry Christmas!  May all your wishes for 2016 be realised. 

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