Christmas Cookie Houses – fun for kids


The school holidays have begun in Australia and Christmas in only a few days away so what better way to occupy the kids with this simple and no mess Cookie House activity (well hardly any mess)…

The Christmas Cookie House activity from KidsSpot  is great for kids of varying ages as it does not require any baking, just a bit of prep work and the best part is you can let the kid’s imagination run wild.

I made my own advent calendar this year and one of the family activities I had listed was to make the Cookie Houses. My thirteen year old did roll his eyes however I think he had the most fun, especially when he realised doing a food based activity had its perks. 

The Youtube clip should be viewed to get a gist of the activity and how the biscuits are put together. The instructions suggests one packet of biscuits, however I used two packets for the same amount of icing, each little house requires four biscuits (allow for breakages too). 

2 Packets of Arnotts Nice Biscuits (1 pkt is not enough)
2 Cups icing sugar
2 tbsp of milk
Smarties or lollies of your choice to decorate.

​Mix the icing sugar and milk for a paste to glue the biscuits together and place lollies as you wish. 

The kids loved trying out different shapes and found that the smarties worked best on the roof rather than the side of the roof, to they kept sliding off. 

*As the finished product required milk, I don’t think the kids should eat the houses for health reasons but can’t be sure of that. 

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​Hope you have the chance to make these, they were quick and easy and lots of fun…
Merry Christmas

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