Back to School!

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Well 2015 is certainly shaping up as year for big changes in our lives…. 
I was once told by someone that I was highly psychic and that I was someone that got frustrated as I apparently have too many ideas in my head and have executing them.  I am still doubtful  about the psychic thing – but yes my brain never shuts down. The ideas are always churning and so little time…  So my latest big idea is actually being put into place – yup, I am heading back to University in March this year!!  

It was obviously not enough to launch my own website and help my 12 year old start High school – I’ve added return to full time studies for the next two years.  I am rather excited to be taking on a new challenge after almost 18 years in the Travel industry I will now become a French teacher (LOTE teacher)  so here goes a new adventure. 

The return to University has also meant that I’ve had to  hand in my resignation after 15 years with Intrepid Travel! A very difficult decision – The Intrepid Group have  given me the chance to work weird part time hours over the past 12 years, the chance to travel on their trips with amazing colleagues and even won a trip with the company director!    So I will be mourning my departure and most of all the reality that travel for the next two years is probably going to be limited to local campsites and bombarding friends who might like to share their holiday homes once in a while with us. (pretty please :)) 

The decision was a challenging one to make, as I do love my job and my working life worked well around the needs of my family but I needed a change and a new challenge.  I was scared, anxious and had many sleepless nights over the last few weeks.  However now that my decision has been made I feel calm and good about it. I know financially this will be a huge ask for all of us, but somehow I am not panicked by it. (or I am in denial) but I arrived in Australia with a suitcase and no money to my name,  and it worked out….. they always do.  so am going with ‘IT WILL ALL WORK OUT’ 

So what does this mean for the Travelling Frenchies travel blog, well this will keep my love of travel alive and the blog will continue so stay tuned. 

What about you, have you made drastic career changes? How did you deal with the change and was it a good move? 

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