Favourite things:  Papa Pique and Mama Coud


Clutch bag set

While visiting Brittany , during the Frenchies’ 2010 European odyssey,  I discovered this gorgeous little shop (thanks sis)… Papa Pique and Maman Coud (translates to Daddy stitches and Mummy sews) , and their products are now available online. The boutique sells a range of products which I immediately fell in love with…so much so that I often ask my sister to bring me few items when she visits…. 
Papa Pique and Mama Coud – (PPMC) have a cute range of accessories such as bags, purses, hair ties, which come in come in a range of gorgeous fabrics based on classical, floral, gingham and polka dots. The fabric is also coated which provides great protection and are easy to wipe clean. 

I’ve listed below some of their range, which I love and have used over the last few years and are particularly well suited to travel.  Check out their extensive range of products here!


Coin purse

Coin purse – Love these little coin purses – I use mine to put a few jewellery pieces when doing short trips or weekends away. They make great  gifts too, especially for kids.


All purpose pouch

This cute little pouch is my favourite and my most used piece. I have one to store my passports in and the other for my everyday makeup which I carry in my handbag. The fabric is great it can easily be wiped  clean.  It is an all purpose product!

Luggage tag


Small pleated pouch

Luggage tag: This cute little luggage tag come in a range of colours and patterns. Sure to help you recognise your suitcase at the airport baggage carousel.  


​The small pleated pouch can be yours too, great as a gift and/or make up pouch. 

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