We’re back……

Melbourne at Dusk

Melbourne at Dusk

Time just flies, can’t believe that I’ve just about finished my first year back at Uni.  I am in the process of finalising my last assignment before a little break, it has been an amazing year.   The kids have been amazing and supportive with a cranky and tired mum who has stretched herself to breaking point, so very proud of them.  Glad to say though it is all looking up from here, we are finally out of a long and cold winter and the warm weather has hit us with a bang… 30C in October who would have thought.

The joy of warm weather brings with it the prospect of getting out and about again, even if it is in my own glorious town.   Melbourne is at its best at this time of year, with Spring Racing carnival, various events around town, and socialising, basically hibernation has ended!  I look forward to some weekend bike rides!

The blog sadly has been totally neglected as I’ve had to prioritise and find time to sleep, but I have missed it… and have had withdrawal symptoms from not  planning any travel. I have grand ideas, but they have to wait ..for now.  Instead I live vicariously through the amazing bloggers and former travel industry colleagues who continue to taunt the non traveller. 

 If you are still following Travelling Frenchies,  thank you!

​How about you?  What  grand travel plans have you been plotting? 

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