Europe here we come!


I can hardly believe it,  that in just over a month, we are off to Europe again – it is now nearly 4 years since we’ve been and can’t wait.  The kids are older and I hope they will remember more of this journey and they will have plenty of opportunities to fine tune their French with their cousins and extended family.

The plan; fly into Amsterdam and out of Paris and ‘train’ it for the rest..but that turned out a little different, the cost of train travel (converted to AUD) with 4 of us has proven to not be that cost-effective – it is almost cheaper to rent a car – we are not gone long enough to do another lease vehicle unfortunately ( note to factor that in future trips), so will also have to hire a car in France.

Finding a decent Hotel in Amsterdam which cost under EUR 150 a night with semi decent reviews on Trip Advisor has proven a bigger challenge than anticipated.  I almost changed my tickets and paid the fees – in the end high prices but on appearance a decent apartment and so now Amsterdam you better shine. I still can’t understand how such a popular city receives such poor reviews. Though I don’t always pay attention to every review of a hotel, they give you a general guideline when choosing where to stay.

The planning of this trip has not quiet gone to plan, but hey that wouldn’t be travel if it had.. So for the readers of my blog out there (yes I know I do have a few of you now… even some from Nigeria..I know because I got a letter from a ‘lawyer’….) here is a rough outline of the itinerary –  Now I wold love some suggestions of your must do/see/eat  or special areas to visit –  especially kid friendly advice. 

  • Amsterdam

  • Bruges

  • Semure – en- Auxois – Burgundy
  • The Burgundy area

  • Paris

 It does not seem like many stops on our trip, but we only have three weeks and have to fit time with family – especially the recent additions of twin nephews…

I wish I could say that as a blogger this trip ‘was paid for’ by my sheer skill of blabbing on about travel.. but is all funded by my day job or two….

So I hope to get some of your insights into the secret gems of my stops in Europe!

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