Burgundy and mints…

Flavigny sur ozerain

Flavigny sur Ozerain – Burgundy – France

One of my favourite discoveries in 2010, during our European odyssey was the cute little tins of mints or lollies found in small delis or ‘bureau de tabac’ and souvenir shops – so when planning our recent trip to Burgundy – France, I discovered that they are still being made in a small ‘village de France’ in the old fashion way and I found the town where they are actually made.  So it was a must do day trip to be added to our itinerary. 
The little town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is classified as ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France‘ (The most beautiful Villages of France) and for good reason.  As you approach the town you get a glimpse of it in the distance, it was truly gorgeous.  Flavigny  is particularly famous for the production of their Anis of Flavigny lollies(mints) sold in cute tins.

The town was also the location for filming a portion of the movie ‘Chocolat’ starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp!
We arrived on a Saturday just before lunch time and 5 minutes before the Anis de Flavigny store & museum closed.. our timing was dismal! After all those years, I still forget how sacred the lunch hour is in France and that everything shuts. Ah la joie de vivre!  However I was adamant that we would not leave town until we had had a chance to buy my gifts and a stockpile of the little mint candies. So we walked around town passing time, it was a little bit of a ghost town, hardly any tourists (tick) and the houses stood mostly silent.  Following some modelling demonstrations by the Frenchie kids, under the town ramparts, picking a few mulberries we tracked down a little shop/cafe for a break and the kids had to have an ice cream.  The town reminded me a little of Vezelay but much quieter. (the also sad reality that so many houses were up for sale all across Burgundy was a reminder that France is on struggle street)

Things to do in Flavigny-sur- Ozerain:

  • Fortifications, Forts & Ramparts
  • The Abbey
  • The Anis de Flavigny Factory
  • The Carolingian Crypt (part of the factory)
  • The gates;  ‘du Val’ and ‘du Bourg’
  • Botanical Gardens of the Textile & Arts Home
  •  The building used for the movie ‘Chocolat’ with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp!

 Nitty Gritty:
– Accommodation: We stayed in the nearby town of Semur en Auxois at the Hotel de la Cote D’Or
– Check the opening hours of the Anis de Flavigny shop and factory before you arrive to make the most of your visit.
– Epicerie L’echoppe de Flavigny, rue de l’Ancien Couvent  snacks, gifts and souvenirs is where we had a decent coffee and ice cream for the kids – basic but friendly.

Have you bought the Bonbons de Flavigny? 

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