Lions of the Masai Mara

I’ve been inspired to share these photos by a colleague (when asked questions about a Kenya trip I did about 4 years ago ) as well as a recent post by Madhu @ The Urge to Wander  – As I was scrolling though my pictures for some information about a trip, I found these amazing shots I took in the Masai Mara… I love Africa and my dream is to take my hubby and kids there one day, not sure how we will get there but we must!  (I’ve been twice now,  and Mr. Techno won’t let me go again without him)

(function(jQuery) { function init() { wSlideshow.render({elementID:”348414504170486713″,nav:”thumbnails”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”top”,transition:”fade”,autoplay:”1″,speed:”5″,aspectRatio:”auto”,showControls:”true”,randomStart:”false”,images:[{“url”:”9/4/9/1/9491139/3352571.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”225″,”caption”:”Lions of the Masai Mara”},{“url”:”9/4/9/1/9491139/9360344.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”225″,”caption”:”Lions of the Masai Mara”},{“url”:”9/4/9/1/9491139/2425368.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”225″,”caption”:”Lions of the Masai Mara”},{“url”:”9/4/9/1/9491139/669151.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”225″,”caption”:”Lions of the Masai Mara”}]}) } jQuery ? jQuery(init) : document.observe(‘dom:loaded’, init) })(window._W && _W.jQuery)

This past month has been a little crazy with too much going on, work, family and careers – which means I have fallen behind, apologies to my followers!  I hope that these images inspire you to travel and work towards your next dream holiday… Have a great weekend!

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