Amsterdam treats!


As a travelling family, the difficulty often is finding suitable eateries that will ensure kids eat more than the regular bowl of chips and chicken nuggets.  It has to be appealing the child’s sometimes fussy taste buds.  The top end fancy eateries are great,  and I would frequent them more often, if it were not for the fact that this is usually completely lost on my kids.

The great thing about Amsterdam was that we certainly found a few Dutch dishes that were perfect for kids, maybe Pizza and Gelato still lead the way, but pancakes are right up there!  (in our household anyways), especially when we discovered a pancake ‘house’!

I had read in the Lonely Planet of The Pancake Bakery and thought it would be fitting to take the kids out for pancakes and Poffertjies (mini pancakes) on our final night in Amsterdam – It had good reviews and knew there would be something on the menu that the kids would eat – So off we went exploring Amsterdam with an overcast sky and a fine drizzle in search of The Pancake Bakery …

The Pancake Bakery is located in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam and is also within walking distance of the Anne Frank Museum The restaurant is housed in an old 17th century canal building,  it is nothing flash, it was warm and inviting though.   The menu offers a variety of pancakes/crepes with various fillings, I had the Greek themed one, it was delicious and super fillings – the kids had ham and cheese.  There is also a choice of soups and omellets.  The highlight of the meal for the Frenchie family were the Poffertjies  smothered in a rich chocolate sauce (see image further down)

If you are after a cheap meal, this is probably not the best choice, alternatively you could just drop in for dessert. It was however great watching the kids devour their food and just have a great time.

There is more to Holland than clogs and Gouda cheese, – make sure you also try out a dish called Bitterballen, they are  amazing – one plate for the four of us was definitely not enough. The Bitterballen are croquettes usually served at a bar to go with your drink.

 I do spend a lot of time researching the travelling Frenchies holidays, especially the accommodations and transport logistics.. and the sights to see, but one of the aspects I have to improve on for future holidays is to narrow down a great list of places to eat.  Nothing worse than standing in the streets ‘discussing’ where to grab a bite for dinner with tired children at the end of a big day.


As The Pancake Bakery is listed in the guide books, it is high on the tourist trail and yes it is a bit touristy and busy,  but worth the effort.   If you are aiming to have dinner at the restaurant I would recommend you get there early – as there is usually a long line out the front.


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