Facebook and your ‘friends’…


In a recent article, I read about a Melbourne student, Matt Kuleza, who is on a mission to meet up with all his 1000+  Facebook friends and have a coffee with every single one of them. The plan is simple, set out over the next three years to meet each and every one of your Facebook friends and have a Coffee and discover the Facebook friend – This is an inspiring project, take the time to slow down, meet your friends and get to know them and throw in some travel as well.  
We all travel for various purposes, whether it be for a yoga retreat in Bali or to visit your relatives at the other end of the world  or volunteer in a local community so why not travel to meet and connect.  

I loved this idea, how many of us have Facebook ‘friends’ and know nothing about them. 

Your friends on social media are usually a mix of  close friends, but you will also have work colleagues, some people you will have briefly ‘met’ along the way – but you don’t really KNOW them.This article particularly hit home, as a dear childhood friend of mine passed away last week, unexpectedly. As I was talking about my late friend to another mutual friend, I mentioned how it was sad that over the years, despite having technology at our finger tips we did not really make the effort to know and keep close contact.  

We are all busy with our daily demands, be it raising a family, studying or your career etc. This is the aspect I dislike the most of Facebook and social media, instant access to everyone, but don’t always actually communicate or touch base. Don’t get me wrong I am on Facebook all the time, and have found it amazing to re-connect with friends from my teenage years – from London, San Francisco, India and Australia. I was able to catch up with a few of them whilst my europe trip in 2010, one of those dear friends even came to our rescue in London when I could not find a Hotel for a family of 4 and was contemplating spending the night in a Park or at the Railway station. Facebook does have its place and I love being able to find my old childhood connections, but they are just that, connections most of the time.

The departure of my friend was a stark reminder of how fleeting life is and we forgot to make the most of it!  So Matt Kazula, I think you onto something fun and amazing, off to get to know your Facebook connections and make them your friends. What an adventure that will be over the next few years.

I don’t plan to travel to meet my friends, but I do want to ensure I find more time to stay in touch and at least say hello once in a while!

What do you think,  Would you do it?  Are you good at keeping in close contact?

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