Welcome to Travellingfrenchies….


Welcome to my new website travellingfrenchies.com, I have been working towards launching my own website for some time but things always seemed to get in the way … I am not a complete a novice to blogging, I spent almost two years testing out my travel blogging skills on wordpress – Travelling Frenchies before moving to my own site.. a Christmas present from Mr. Techno…  

I do hope that my existing followers will still comment and visit the new site once in a while, however this week it feels as though I am starting it all again from scratch… which is a very strange feeling. 
I spent so much time learning about the world of blogging  especially how to use WordPress, that to start all over again is a little daunting.  However, I am always plotting the next thing or holiday so this just makes sense. 

Would love your comments and or feedback on the new website especially if something is not working as it should!

Please follow me via my RSS feed or via email subscription and look forward to your comments! 

Christmas is just over a week away and am looking forward to spending it with my family and friends. … hope you are too. 

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