Bretagne (Brittany) – memories

PictureSaint Briac Sur Mer – Brittany

Brittany has it all for the travelling family – the post card picture perfect scenery, crepes ‘gallettes’ (pancakes), am cider (adults only of course),  historical towns, miles and miles of coast line.  (Never thought any coast line could ever match our very own Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia but it is a pretty good rival).

Brittany is a holiday haven for the Parisians that escape the heat and hustle and bustle of  Paris. The air , the light and coast make it the perfect getaway. We had planned to spend most of our time in Brittany during our 5 month odyssey and use it as a base to explore France and to submerge ourselves into life of a small French town.  The plans changed with the birth of my gorgeous niece ( a nephew arrived too and then there was a wedding ) so plans became a little more flexible. During the course of our travels we were also fortunate to be invited by my cousins to join them in discovering France which we could not pass on.

The month spent in Brittany was pretty amazing, not only helping out my sister with a new baby and hanging out, it was a relaxing time with leisurely days spent on the beach whilst the kids caught some waves, picnic lunches on the beach. When the weather permitted we made day trips to different beaches, visited the region. My eldest even managed a week of sailing lessons with the local club – he was brave to head out with a bunch of French kids when his french is pretty basic but he stuck to it for most of the week  and was rather proud of him for giving it a shot.

The highlights for us were  St. Malo, Dinan, Mont St. Michel (Normandy), St. Briac sur Mer, Cancale.

In order to fully appreciate the magic of Brittany you do need time and a car to explore the and take it all in.

Thank you little sis for allowing the Frenchies to not only crash into your   apartment in Paris straight after the birth your gorgeous daughter but then also giving us full access your  family holiday house in Brittany. Thanks for putting up with us and sharing this little piece of paradise that is Brittany – would return there in a heart beat.

Nitty Gritty:

Select here for : family fun in Brittany and general information. 

  • I recommend you take wet suits & boogie boards – those can be purchased locally at sport stores, we went to Decathlon
  • The weather can be a little fickle, take gear for wet and windy conditions as well.
  • August does get busy so plan well in advance if travelling at that time of year
  • For the mums pack a nice outfit to go out for dinner – it is the Parisians’ playground after all

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