Power up or loose it!


This may not be the most exciting post for most of you travellers out there, but it could save you from losing your travel gadgets and phone. As the aviation industry tries to stay one step ahead, new restrictions have been put in place for travellers heading to  the US, UK and Canada.
If you are travelling with your electronic gadgets (let’s face it the majority of us do) and or your phone you will need to ensure that your gadgets have sufficient charge so that when you check in/go through airport security, you are able to power up your electronic devices and demonstrate they are in working order. This will also mean that they are able to last the whole journey.

This new safety rule will apply to most electronic devices and the airlines/security also reserve the right to confiscate the device if they are not shown to be in ‘working’ order.

 Emirates has issued the following update for travellers:

Who will be doing the screening? Where? 
Emirates Group Security will be screening travellers at the boarding gates for flights departing
to destinations in the UK, US or Canada.

What if I can’t power up my electronic device? 
You will not be allowed to board your flight, unless you choose to leave the device behind.
These regulations are specified by the authorities of the three countries. There are no facilities
to keep devices in storage.

Student Flights has issued the below statement on their website:

Flying with electronic devices

Hot off the press, travellers flying overseas will now have to prove that your electronic device functions before you board your plane. If your tablet, mobile phone, e-book reader, laptop computer, digital camera, MP3 player or other digital device (especially those with lithium batteries) doesn’t turn on during airport security checks, you could have your gadgets confiscated and also be denied boarding, even if it’s only a flat battery. You’ll also need to stash your electronic devices in your hand luggage. To avoid losing your gadgets and missing your flight, make sure your electronics devices are fully charged before flying and that the battery power will last for your journey.

These measures are reassuring I am sure to all travellers, but for those of us that travel with kids, keeping your iPad (tablet) fully charged for a 12-14 hour flight is no easy feat, especially if you are faced with your personal entertainment unit on your flight not working (this happened on the Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur leg) and all your 9-year-old can do is play on his tablet… to top it off we were on an older aircraft which had no facility to charge any of our devices.

Though these new security measures only apply to select countries, I was asked to turn on my son’s iPad as we went through security in Kuala Lumpur and lucky it had charge. It is safe to assume that other countries will head down the same path.

The moral of the story pack an extra power pack as a backup so that you don’t lose your stuff!  (We have a small Duracell power pack and is rather handy and is a reminder must get a long haul one asap )

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