Christmas gift ideas…


How fast has 2014 flown! Looking back on the year I can’t believe it is almost Christmas, and if you are anything like me, are now in a frantic dash to get your shopping done. (for those in Melbourne there is always the option of midnight shopping on Xmas eve) The Frenchie kids are a little older now and I am on struggle street to work out what it is that they want and more importantly do they really need another box of Lego? Well according to them, yes of course what a silly question!

So here is a list for young and old, supplied in part by my own children (Mr. Techno if you actually read my posts, some of those are my personal wish list too – HINT!)

  1. I love to give books to the kids and nephews for Christmas, encourage reading on all subjects.Some of our recent favourite books are Open by Andre Agassi, The 13 Storey Tree House Andy Griffiths & Terri Denton, Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. The choices are endless.
  2. Nintendo 3DS – This is the ONE for my 12-year-old on his list, that is all he wants I was advised, interesting to see if it still a favourite despite the advent of the iPad.
  3. Nanoblocks – Love Nanoblocks, they are small packs, kids can collect them and if you are travelling over Christmas easy to pack and carry with you! Love that they also represent some places you may have travelled to i.e. the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House
  4. E-reader – such as Kobo or Kindle and are perfect for the traveller, download you favourite books and you can read in any hotel room without keeping the other ones awake!
  5. Tickets- Gifts can also include an experience, such as tickets to a favourite sporting event, Cirque du Soleil, a show – get the family out together for a fun evening/afternoon out. In our case it would be a basketball game.
  6. Activity/experience – Book a fun activity to do as a family, such an excursion to go berry or cherry fruit picking, a kayak activity such as the Urban Adventure – Moonlight Kayak tour in Melbourne or Tree Surfing – This is a great way to bring the family together and get you outdoors.
  7.  Charity/Volunteer – Last but not least support your favourite charity by making a donation or volunteer, do a gift drive at work for charities for Christmas. The kids are now at an age where this will be also possible for them to get involved.

Presents are such a personal choice, one of my sisters Ms. S. has the most amazing ability to find the perfect gift matched to each individual person. I certainly don’t have that talent, but love celebrating with family and friends, that is my gift I guess.

What is on your wish list this year? would love more ideas !

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