Healthy travels…


Food is one of the current topics trending in the travel industry, everywhere you turn, there are food trips, Tv shows about food filmed in amazing travel locations, ie Masterchef TV  promoting Western Australia with their amazing fresh food, wines and beautiful beaches.

The delights and joys of travel is to discover new cuisines, sit in a lovely cafe in the streets of Paris or Italy and enjoy a local dish with a glass of wine (or two – who’s counting) and people watch.

The challenge for the traveller, especially the long-term traveller, is how to eat your cake and remain healthy too – I know that during our 5 months on the road in Europe that was a real challenge.  Well who could resist trying all the different wines and cheeses that were on offer as well as the fresh baguette for breakfast. (My family hails from Burgundy after all)…The toll of eating with extended family on a daily basis started to show..and I discovered when it comes to enjoying food on the road, I have no self-control what-so ever… plus you only live once!

As a family, were on a tight budget, which meant that were possible we catered for our own meals when not staying with family. We prepared meals or cooked dinner in self-contained apartments of villas we were staying at. This meant that meals were a casual affair and did not involve a 3-4 course dinner. The break we had between visiting family and staying on our own allowed for some R&R when it came to eating overly rich food. This also kept spending to a minimal and allowed us to serve simple healthy foods. The downside is that we did not take full advantage of tasting the local cuisine as much as we should have.

On a shorter  holiday you just let yourself go, enjoy the food and worry about the consequences later – No point travelling if you won’t try new things. However this can pose  a challenge for kids especially  if they are fussy eaters.  Like at home, I expect my kids to give everything a go before they push their dinner plate away.

However if you wish to travel  and enjoy the adventure of eating, help is at hand to keep the damage to a minimum. My friend Emma Stirling, an accredited practising dietitian,  has recently released a post on this very topic on The Scoop on Nutrition.

The following are great tips from her recent post:

  • Move – explore your surrounds on foot
  • Plan your day – eat light and healthy at breakfast & light lunch to then enjoy a hearty dinner
  • 3-1 Ratio = 3 days of healthy eating and save for 1 day of over indulging
  • Watch you liquid intake ie alcohol which is high in kilojoule

The Scoop on Nutrition even has a video on how to prepare a quick easy meal in a hotel room, it is hilarious.

Please visit Emma’s website and blog to get the full scoop! How to prevent travel kilos (body kilos that is)

Have you got any tips on staying healthy whilst travelling with the kiddies?  Please share them. 

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