Amsterdam, Nemo and kinetic sand…

PictureKinetic sand – Nemo Museum

During our very short time in Amsterdam, one of the days was spent winding our way through the streets of Amsterdam till we reached the Nemo Museum (not the fish kind)  – Amsterdam’s best spot for kids…a science centre.

The Nemo building itself can be seen well before you reach it, the distinct colour and shape gives it away. It is within an easy walk from Central station. There isn’t much else in the area except for a few cafes .

The building is organised over 4 floors and each floor covers specific themes, such as; the machine park, water world,  world of shapes etc.  The kids can just wander around and test out the different activities.  The activities cater to all ages even silly adults like us.  The Frenchie kids even had the chance to partake in research conducted by the University of Amsterdam  – can kids concentrate when they are bombarded with images and sounds – pretty geeky and cool.

Allow plenty of time to make the most of your visit of the Nemo museum, this will give you a chance to explore all levels and activities.
Once you have exhausted the kids and all various activities tried and tested, head to the top floor for a bite to eat and the roof top terrace. The terrace offers views of Amsterdam and on a warm day the kids can cool off  under the water fountains. (Note the food on offer was limited and not very nice ) – There are lounge chairs where you can sit and relax as well.
One of the highlights for the Travelling Frenchies was the discovery of Kinetic sand.  In a small section of the museum we discovered a tub of Kinetic sand, described as 98% sand and 2%  magic.  The beauty of this products is you can shape and mold it to any shape and then it just sort of melts apart.  (this post was delayed as I was trying to work out if we could replicate it as a home-made version) I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find any options to re-create kinetic sand, however the best equivalent I could find and will certainly be cheaper than Kinetic Sand is Moon sand/Cloud Dough  visit Tinkerlab for details. Though moon sand is different in texture, it will still be fun for kids.  The Kinetic sand is particularly fun to play with and watch is come to life as it melts from a moulded shape back to sand…The Nemo Museum were selling packs of Kinetic sand – however at 2 kilos- a pack it would not have been practical to bring back to Australia –
Check out the below video on Kinetic Sand:

Kinetic Sand is now available in some stores in Australia such as Kmart and Australian Geographic – add it to your Christmas list you won’t be disappointed!

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