Posted in January 2014

Amsterdam, Nemo and kinetic sand…

Kinetic sand – Nemo Museum During our very short time in Amsterdam, one of the days was spent winding our way through the streets of Amsterdam till we reached the Nemo Museum (not the fish kind)  – Amsterdam’s best spot for kids…a science centre.The Nemo building itself can be seen well before you reach it, the … Continue reading

A place to stay – Amsterdam

Canal Home – Amsterdam The ticket into Amsterdam and out of Paris was booked with Malaysian airlines, three weeks leave approved for both Mr. Techno and myself and then the itinerary planning truly began almost a year ago now… however as I read and searched websites for a hotel that was well located which also … Continue reading

Fireworks NYE 2013 – Video

As mentioned in my earlier post Welcome to 2014 my 8-year-old son SJ made a video of the fireworks at Inverloch – I spent an entire day trying to work out how to upload it in time for the 1st of January but with poor internet and limited time it did not work out – much to … Continue reading