Dream Jobs in Australia – the Buzz


This post is a little different from my usual ones, however it is worth having a read of. Have you ever dreamt of  living the ‘dream job’ travelling working and talking about it ( I know I have)… Some travel bloggers certainly have already achieved this, there is however another way to do so. The Australian Tourism industry have launched their best jobs in the world.  They are usually a six month contract to travel and write about various cities/sites in Australia and you get paid well for it.
The job that caught my attention on this mornings news was the ‘taste master’ position based out of Perth. You will be travelling all around Western Australia tasting and or catching your own food  and talking about it to the world. I have never been to Western Australia and it is on my ‘bucket list’ but just haven’t gotten there yet.

See the below link for more information:

There are currently 6 positions advertised for the ‘Best jobs in the world’ via Tourism Australia – see the below link

Would love to get your comments, will you be applying?
Which one would you love to do the most? f you are not applying why not?

Ps I am not being paid to advertise the job….nor am I at this stage applying for any of them….they are just an amazing opportunity!

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