A friendly reminder…

Just a friendly reminder that blog my has moved! To  that have kindly followed me on this blog, I would love for you to sign up to the new blog and or leave any comments. Please visit the new  Travelling Frenchies website. Follow me on twitter and Instagram too!

News Flash!

The year is certainly getting away, and luckily I got most of my Christmas shopping done in the last 10 days or so – How about you, done it all yet? I should have probably used that time to blog but instead I have some news to share….(no, not that kinda news!) Well I have … Continue reading

Fireworks NYE 2013 – Video

As mentioned in my earlier post Welcome to 2014 my 8-year-old son SJ made a video of the fireworks at Inverloch – I spent an entire day trying to work out how to upload it in time for the 1st of January but with poor internet and limited time it did not work out – much to … Continue reading